Finally It’s Division Time!

My class has started division. It was really hard the first time, but it got easier as I went along. A couple of boys in my class knew a lot of division. It is really fun except for the high ones. I hope you have fun doing division, if you even get to it. Oops, look at the time, I have to go. Adios amigos, so long until we meet again. 

When the tree fell on our house

I remember the day when the tree fell on our house…I was coming home from school we stopped at grandma’s to drop of my aunt which visited from Japan. I stayed there and played with grandma’s cats until I heard the news that a tree from the other side of the canal on the golf course smashed our house. “Let’s go to our house quickly and see what happened!” I said. When we got there, I saw that the tree was wedged between the edge of the lawn and the golf course. But it smashed mom’s flowers. She was upset.By Bjorn 

The Crayfish

Have you seen a crayfish? I have.A few months ago, we had crayfish in our class. They are still there. And you know what? Before I was scared to pick one up. Now I can pick one up!But I was not so happy that day. You know why? Because a crayfish pinched me! But it was still fun learning about the crayfish.Stay tuned for more news!

The Cray Fish

My class has been working with crayfish.  It is an awesome unit to work on!  We’re very fortunate to learn about these creatures. They range in colors from blue to pink.Once I sent a cray fish flying 2 meters in the air because it pinched me!Stick around for more news! 

The Snapping Crayfish

Our class has gotten some crayfish because of our Structures of Life science project. It’s very fun except when a crayfish snaps at someone’s finger or when one of the crayfish gets out of its tank. If you ever think of getting a crayfish as a pet, you should never try to make it or them angry. Watch out for their pincers because  they are quite sharp. Remember to get a water proof tank before buying your crayfish!

When The Crayfish Came to Our Class

A few weeks ago, the crayfish came to our class.My class pushed and shoved through the door. We saw two tubs a the back of our classroom.”What was in it?” everyone thought.A person came over to the tub and opened the blue covering. “Oh my god!’ “What is it?” I asked. “It’s shrimp!” “And it flicked dirty water on me!” Then the teacher came into the room.”It’s a crayfish not a shrimp” She said. “Why are they here?” “We are going to learn about adaptations of a crayfish.””Why crayfish?” I asked.”Because it has a lot of adaptations.” Mrs. Suits answered.”Oh, well anyway, I’m sure we will have fun learning about these crayfish.”More stories about crayfish coming soon!

yeah crayfish

My class is having their turn with the school crayfish.They look a lot like lobsters but their smaller,my class likes to call them mini lobsters.Some of them like to pinch you but it normaly it does not hurt,but some times it stings for a few seconds.They can be hard to grab sometimes,but if you have a calm one it stays still and lets you pick it up.It was really fun talking to you about my class crayfish but unfortunately I have to go now, bye.

Grade 3 Math!

There are five third grade rooms and three rooms are locked.  Kids can’t come in the locked room, so there are only two rooms that kids can come in. What operation do you need to solve this story problem? (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide)


Book Math Problem

There are thirty books on one shelf in our main library written by Roald Dahl.

Then the librarians moved the books to another shelf.

The books are now divided into 6 groups. How many books are going to be in each group?


Fun With Book Math



There are thirty seven books in two rows of books.

Seven of them were written by J.K. Rowling, thirteen were written by Lemony Snickets, plus three books were by J.R.R. Tolkien. The rest were written by Mary Bobe Osborne.

How many books were by Mary Bobe Osborne?

Math of the Olympics!



There are bleachers in front of our sports field and running track. There are four benches on the bleachers. If there were six of the same kind of bleachers, how many benches would there be in all?

And another one! There are four benches on this bleacher. If two of the benches were taken, how many free benches would there be?